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[27 Nov 2005|09:13pm]

this weekend rocked hard .

i love being me sometimes. lol sounds funny prolly but hey whatever.

my dear friends, i love you . (=

[13 Nov 2005|02:08pm]
[ mood | need some z's ]

1) Always do what you say you're going to. If you say you're gonna call, then call. In most girls books its a major loss of brownie points to not call.

2) Don't say i love you just to say i love you. If you say it, you better mean it.

3) If you do love a girl, never miss the opportunity to say so. It makes her question her security.

4) Talk to her. She shouldn't have to work hard to keep a convo going. Remember that a conversation is a two-sided thing, ask her questions too. This makes her feel close to you.

5) Its okay to be a little jealous of other guys. If you don't feel jealous when other guys hit on her, yet again you look like an flaming asshole.

6) If someone's a shit to her, threaten to kick their butt. Even though some would never admit to this, girls like to feel protected.

7) If you don't know what her favorite flower, color, food, and song are you probably are a piece of shit, becuase I can promise she probably knows all of these things about you.

8) Avoid swearing in her presence. You should behave as though you're lucky as fuck to be with her. Because quite franctly, you are.

9) Don't be late. The guy should be the one doing the waiting.

10) Take it slow. Not only do you look like a jerkoff when you use the whole, "I thought you loved me, why won't you play with my penis" line, (that was slightly exaggerated) but things are also sexier when you slow down. Hey buddy, wheres the fire?

11) Most girls dont mind paying. but you look like crap if you sit down, have an excellent meal, and then don't have enough money for the both of you. And I can promise her friends will know about it. And then I promise you'll hear about it from your friends. avoid the complication and just be a man and pay.

11.5) If she orders water, its an indication that she believes you will be paying. becuase waters free, and If you intend on purchasing her a meal she figures you don't need to be paying for her diet coke also.

12) Don't cheat. Getting drunk is not an excuse to hook up with another girl. If you don't think you can control yourself when you're drunk, then don't drink to excesss.

13) Don't lie. people talk. she will find out about it, and then you will be screwed.

14) It you're in a relationship its okay to hit on her every now and then. She likes you remember? hence being in the relationship.

15) If you're in a relationship you should also be able to say stupid weird stuff to one another and not have the other person feel put off. If you can't be the person who you really are, then what good is the relationship?

16) When introducing her to your friends, you better introduce her as your girlfriend. and do it in a way that shows you're proud to have her by your side.

17) If you're thinking about her all the time, its okay to let her know every once in a while. It will make her feel like less of a freak because, yet again though she would never admit it, she does the same.

18) Don't kiss and tell. It makes you look like a desperate cocky shitface. Its so much classier to keep your mouth shut. And it will also make her willing to go farther, So its definatley not in you best interest to talk about it.

19) remember little details of what she says. this will earn you major brownie points to be reimbursed later on.

10)Its always the random expressions of love that count the most. They're always the most genuine too. If you're in the middle of a conversation with her, and all of a sudden you feel like sharing how amazing she looks or how good you feel when you're together, then do it. Always say what you feel.

21) Don't stress over hanging out with her. Don't even stress over the movie you'll be watching or where you'll be watching it. She really only wants to be with you. And if all goes well, you won't even be watching the movie, now, will you?"

found that on someones myspace and thought a guy or 2 might like a heads up on some stuff because they all seem to be clueless!!!!! haha

p.s. i wanna be YOUR hero .

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[02 Nov 2005|02:53pm]
i am SINGLE!! wutttt.
better watch out this could be dangerous! ;)

got my license too . and a car. what fun? yupppp

im out <33
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[27 Oct 2005|01:16am]
[ mood | accomplished ]

cassandra ward is a happy fucking girl.

havent updated in months but hey i got busy and i love you all (=

im in a special mood haaa. <3

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[09 Sep 2005|11:33pm]
[ mood | .sigh ]

life is only what you make it.

birthday is wednesday. im kinda excited kind of not. get my license oct 4th but i cant get a car until like december which sucks but whatever..

vb is good i guess. we've won 2 ina row which i enjoy, because winning isnt the worst feeling in the world.

but ive also been losing.. just not volleyball =\

the lack of updates is sad, this i know. i apologize to those who might care.

hopefully i can change for the better... because i cant live like this..


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first week of sophmore year... [12 Aug 2005|10:34pm]
[ mood | grr. ]

this week.. overall.. mostly sucked. found out some lame stuff and ogf corse got even MORE stressed out but why complain.. im alive arent i?

lets focus on the brighter side:
-volleyball is going good, im improving alot i think anyway..
-my classes seem pretty good.
-lunch with kiara again
-got payed today.

there are so many more downs but hopefully my life will strat being more up then down soon!


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[05 Aug 2005|05:54pm]
[ mood | devastated ]

why do you insist upon doing this to me .. once again. )=

today got picked up early from brittanys to go get my hair done. i love it. left & went to the mall to finish shopping. didnt end up getting much for myself but oh well. school monday.. =\  not as excited as i was before . what can ya do though?  a good thing about today though was that i got to see lindsey . how ive missed her. i also got a letter from elliott my friend  from camp; which was awesome.

wednesday was a big day for me. i went to vb practice found out on jv. which is cool i wanted to be. then i left early to sell shirts at orientation with britt and jessie; saw lots of people and all that. got my schedule as my last entry showed then talked to steve and brittany till we left at like 830.
  but later that night.. something i expected to come, did. life is so crazy sometimes. i hate you for doing it to me. still, i love you unconditionally..

thurs(day) hung with kiara. (ily!) then vb practice (night) went out with the usual. tommy picked us up & met everyone up at the woods. then slept. i am still sick. why am i always sick? emotionally and phisically...

i miss you .

yey or ney?Collapse )

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05-06 schedule [03 Aug 2005|10:09pm]
[ mood | sick of corse ]

well looks like this is what i'm gonna have to deal with this year unless something changes!

2`nd-Anatomy Honors-minich
3`rd-World History Honors-phillips
4`th-English II Honors-horodowich
5`th-French II-laffitte
6`th-Geometry Honors-hayden
7`th-Integrated Sci. Honors-kelly

comment if ya got classes.. or just cause you love me . haa

... dont feel like actual telling about my life. =\

as always, cassandra lynn
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x headaches x. agh [21 Jul 2005|03:44pm]
[ mood | blegh. ]

got home yesterday .

well i got my pictures developed from camp. ill post them once i upload em to the comp. they are some pretty cute ones (= and some good ones of the horses and stuff. im pleased with them.. makes me sad to look at them; although happy at the same time. confusing im sure.


today went shopping again. ordered my shoes online yesterday im so excited for them to come . i love them . others might think they're ugly but i like to think not. i love how i write about these completely pointless things in my journal.
the new thing today .. excitment about shoes.

other notes... i bought and finished the new harry potter book along with the 3rd sisterhood of the traveling pants. harry potter book by the end was completely frustrating but still a good book. surprising. now im onto the hobbit i guess.

i <3 little kids. they're so adorably fun and heart warming. heh

i'm glad to be home.

btw. amber pacific rocks. awesome band. (= thanks to sean fro recommending me to listen to them a while back .. xo

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[15 Jul 2005|09:02pm]
[ mood | undecided ]


CAMP WAS AWESOME. ill update more dtails later.

agh i love you all who i met !


im tryin to redo my journal. idk what to do and i will need help.lol so if anyone is willing..ypu know the drill.. ;]

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<3 [09 Jun 2005|09:42pm]
[ mood | recumbent ? ]

hmm haven't updated in loonngg time . well like 3 weeks lol . thats long.

i've been going to volleyball , working , hanging out with people, and being a good sister (=

i love my little sister <3

but yes. went and saw deffinitly one of my all time favorite movies sister hood of the traveling pants the book was actuallly much better but i love the movie nevertheless . heh
so leave on july 1st for most of july. leaving has its ups&downs more on the down side but ill survive on the positives. hopefully.

alright. goine to play marioparty with my sister <333

i love a to the j reyes.

TIP OF THE DAY :: dont perform CPR on someone who is alive heh

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[21 May 2005|12:42pm]
[ mood | idk =\ ]

why dont i seem good enough the way i am? i dont know what to do and its drving me crazy.. why is it like this.. crying used to b eat least an outlet of stress bt now it digs me deeper in this hole. i've nothing to do ..
help me.

last night was not what i thought it was gunna be . not completely anyway and thats all im gunna say .

leave some. or not. who cares.

<3 the love thats left

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[15 May 2005|02:27am]
[ mood | in need of energy ]

you start to really think about things when something serious happens.

i was in the car on the way home to school yesterday with my brother and he rear ended someone i was so scared and it happend so fast i felt like i was empty inside liek i was gonne die but i ended up with a bad headache luckily.
its just so weird how there's a possibilty that i might not have been here today.. and how it happens to people everyday .. but i got lucky. i'm greatful.

it opened my eyes .

buckle up kids. something could happend anytime.


on a diff note.. i just got home from inventory i worked alot this weekend more money though. going shopping tomorrow with brittany after work then aj is hopefully coming over monday. <3 thats about it.

leave me something nice ?

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[09 May 2005|09:13pm]
[ mood | pleased ]

this weekend was so a m a z i n g.
being with him is the best <333
alfred j, i'm gonna love you forever and ever
yes i is your baby ;]

today was softball awards & what not after vollyball workout. best batting average on the team baby (= you know it. heh..
typicially monday sucked. nothing much else to update. lots of work this weekend but oh well.

lots of love. heh <3

[28 Apr 2005|05:48pm]
[ mood | optimistic ]

things are getting better... (=

softballs over. (heck yes)
- - - - - - - - - - - -
vollyball starts next week (more brittany && kami =D !)
- - - - - - - - - - - -
schools almost over . another heck yes. heh
- - - - - - - - - - - -
good plans for this weekend.

- - - - - - - - - - - -

and it doesnt hurt so much anymore.

maybe there is a god. well no . im not gunna get carried away . hah

love ?

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[26 Apr 2005|07:39pm]
[ mood | ladeda ]

hmm. havent updated since well w/e.

today wasnt the greatest but it wasnt bad. district playoffs started and we won against cypress 14-2. was fun i guess. i got alot inside of me and im keeping it in because i dont really know how to let it out ? idk just confused right now.

friday was my last jv game and i was throwing up hogbodys allnight but i still did okay aj stayed to watch and it was my lil brothers birthday so they were all going out to dinner after my game but food was not gunna work for me so parents dropped me n him off here n he took care of me..
saterday was 8 months.. didnt do anything with alfred but sunday we went putput golfing and then to rib city which was nice. after that my dad picked us up and brought us back here where aj helped him move like all of our furniture around. then we jus hung out..

then of corse monday came and it was school again. makes me want to puke again. so tomorrow playoffs continue we play ft myers. wish us luck cause we'll deff need it.

plans with alfred fri & kiara sat. saterday day = beach tho. heck yes. heh

</3 so CONFUSED ! fnsigndrjlgubnh (sorry!)


[19 Apr 2005|08:23pm]
[ mood | hdfsfhuwscj ]

in a serious state of confusion. ? and it sure sucks..
i hate getting dumped. tear ..

i just got home from my softball game (which by the way is not what im confused about) and we 10 run ruled them.. easy games aren't fun anymore specially cause i still wanted to play but oh well i need time to do my english notecards anyway . blegh..

so this weekend was the worst one ive had in a while. everything is going good with the parents but saterday nightapril 16th me and aj broke up .. he broke up with me of corse.. ughh i was so upset i couldnt believe it was happening i was waiting to wake up and find it was all a dream but that didn't happen and i felt like he was really gone so i just fell apart..we talked it out till like 430 and everythings good now but it still hurts and we still act the same and all but something just doesnt feel right . i love him so much and im really glad we're back together but idk..i cant help how i feel and it just sucks. breaking up and going back out in a couple hours just i mean come on? i dont regret taking him back i just wish it hadnt happened cause my whole world fell apart in that little time period and when i got it back it was hard nad not im confused !

boys boys boys. gahh....
am i wrong for feeling weird or what ?

i love him. im glad he came back.. i just wish it had been a dream like i was hoping..</33 blah blah i just needed to get all that out ! school is really starting to suck lots of work homework and what not. my play is thursday at 7 and noone should come it's going to suck ! game friday and plans for the weekend are tentative so if anyones interested gimme a call kids. feedback for the confused would be greatly appreciated.

8 *believe

[13 Apr 2005|07:43pm]
[ mood | nothin special.. ]

dhiownvwkjfnuvwr! man my arm hurts ! )=

just got home from walgreens got an elbow brace and a buncha makeup n stuff with my mommy (= and kayla of corse cause her little friends didnt come to take her to church so she was sad..so we cheered her up with lots of lipgloss . haha . now im debating whether or not to do my homework.. im kinda of thinking not but of corse ill do it.. tomorrow we play ida baker last nights game didnt even happen according to me but that's okay ! so my weekend is blown. basically working the whole time. but its money which i very much like when i recieve my paychecks..

everything is good with me and aj again..THANK GOD. i love him too much to let anything happen anyway.. <33333 well goddamn im tired & dinner should be ready soon.

saterday night (besides one factor) was great because my friends are awesome. we deffinitly need to do that again kami ! i <3 yOuu & missed you today . hehe

<33 always, ms. cassandra lynn


yawn` [05 Apr 2005|08:23pm]
[ mood | tired ]

Defeat can be a very bitter thing... hmph....

well we lost .. oh well i had a good game (= lol and one person cant win the game so its alright we just got a buncha bitches on our team lol seriously everyone gets so mean... haha i think its funny though.. b4 the game aj's dad picked us up from school and got us food b4 stopping by my house.. i forgot socks && cleats . woops . but my love saved me (=

annyywaayysss im still sick. yes it's really just starting to bug me ! its been 9 days now and i wus sick like all of last month. what is this ?! hmm another thing to get over.

things are good with the boyfriend and friends. bowling this saterday night baby ! i <3 miss kami lena. im so glad she's my friend and im doing her a big favor tomorrow ! ;] or im gunna try anyways... lol so yeah some good some bad so im not really complaining i just dont wanna be sick anymoree !! ahh im sucha whiner lol. im just sick of it.. =\

alright done with this . comments maybe?

oh yeah n to all the gay north people that are gunna comment to me i already know my team lost to north 2 days ina row... lol dont be gay ... <33

3 *believe

love deeper , try harder , chersih more (= [01 Apr 2005|05:22pm]
[ mood | in the middle.. ]

hmm so im sick of being sick =\ ! make any sense? lol

anyways ive been sick since monday perfect for spring break right ? ive gone through .... sore throat, killer ear/headaches , and now pinkeye ! yuck yuck yuck . i think im finally getting better though my eyes just look really bad.

last night went to olvie garden with aj's family which was yummy even though i didnt really eat .. mostly breadsticks (= hehe . he's been great taking care of me the pas couple of days cause i was miserable . how cute is that . ugh i kjust love him.
i appreciate and love you so much babe !! (=

bad news in the love department for my best friend though. brittany i love you girl and he's a JACKASS for doing what he did so you're much much much better off without him in your life. you'll find someone twice the guy he is <33 i <3 u !

well now im getting ready for the game my boyfriend is taking part in tonight it's the championship so it should be a good game !
beach tomorrow . <3333

hope everyone is having a great spring break so far .. it's almost over ! )=

cassie loves you ;]


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